Our state-of-the-art theater will leave you hanging at the edge of your seat with a variety of high-impact 5D films to choose from. You’re not just watching a 5D movie — you’re truly experiencing it! Let your senses run wild as you take on every bump, drop, and turn in this motion simulator. 

Take on the fifth dimension with your fellow adventurers! Experience incredible immersion as surround sound, 5D effects, and our high-tech motion simulator make you feel like you’re part of the movie! 

5D cinema is the most exciting and immersive cinema, equipped with ultra-high-definition engineering projectors, stereo panoramic sound, super wide screen, innovative high-tech 5D dynamic seats and environmental special effects equipment. Let the audience enjoy a realistic, exciting and immersive entertainment experience! 

From hearing, sight to smell, touch to immersive adventure, the environment is full of special effects! You become totally involved in what is happening on the movies, and feel movements, rays of sun, snowing, raining, wind blowing and humid air of ocean breeze etc. 


These big thrills do come with some suggestions and requirements:

we have more than 100 copyright movies for our cinema machine system with diverse gameplay,

covering players of different types, ages and interests! and will update the movies regularly.