Let your creativity run wild with any of our exciting art experiences.

Whether you join our Paint & Grape, Painting Courses – or our Corporate Events, we guarantee that you will meet our welcoming community of ArtLovers, create memorable moments, and leave with a masterpiece to hang on your wall. With our canvas painting for beginners, everybody will feel like a true artist. 

Leanning English Class

In the classroom, a teacher’s value extends beyond the class being delivered. To get the best out of their students, a teacher’s role is also to motivate, encourage and supervise – the latter being particularly difficult to do through video conferencing software. Technology can even be brought into the classroom as an effective supplement to in-person classes. For example, including animations, video content and game-based learning allows students to experience several of the benefits of online learning tools, and is more effective than online learning used exclusively. 


There's a DIY class that's right for you, whether you're new to crafting or you've always had what it takes to become a maker.

Love tinkering and building things from scratch? Become your own handyman or handywoman with our selection of DIY classes! Bring your do-it-yourself idea to a nearby workshop. You'll come away with a project to be proud of and skills to last a lifetime.

English Classes for Adults

Are you willing to move up the career ladder? Would you like to study or work abroad?  Whatever your background or aspirations, learning English gives you the freedom to explore new and exciting opportunities, and our range of online and face-to-face English courses can help you achieve your goals.

In our experience, you can learn English quickly when the teaching is interactive, interesting and fun. Our highly qualified teachers will help you develop your confidence and improve your language skills in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Our English classes are designed to improve all aspects of your learning, acquiring language skills to be used in real situations. Take this course at our English school, and:

Your teacher will check your progress, giving you direction and feedback that will help you become more fluent and confident with your English

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Crafting with kids can be a truly cathartic bonding experience. To young children, everything is still wondrous. If you’re feeling a little cynical about a hyper commercial consumer-burdening culture where everything is overpriced and the little things in life underrated, it can be helpful to remember that, for a child, even the most basic materials can be transformed into something special. These seven creative crafts are great for parents and kids to do together. 


Encourage your children to be as creative as they like, mixing colors, making faces, and painting the rocks any way they wish. From colorful abstractions to surprising portraits, parents and kids alike can enjoy this rock painting craft.